Types of Men’s Shoes

Men’s shoe styles have seen a lot of evolution in the last century. A lot of styles were left behind and a lot more were introduced. Shoes have now become an integral part of the fashion industry. It is not that the sole purpose of shoes was to protect the feet before that. In many communities, shoes had (and even now have) cultural importance.

The times have changed now. Even if some shoes hurt more than stones would walk barefoot, we still choose those styles in the name of fashion. We certainly don’t think the comfort of shoes is something that should be compromised and here are the shoes which have made a long way to be called “timeless shoe styles”. These styles are all-time favorites of men all over the world because of their comfort and versatility.

Oxford shoes

For the shoe, with closed lacing i.e there is not much space between the components that hold the laces. Also, quarters (the side components) underlay the vamp ( the component of the forepart).

Oxford is the most preferred shoe for formals.

Basic variations include :

  • Single cut oxford: These shoes have only one seam usually in the counter area
  • Toe cap oxford
  • Wing cap oxford

Derby shoes

The shoe with open lacing i.e there is an open space between the 2 components of shoes that hold the laces. Also, quarters (the side components) overlay the vamp ( the component of the forepart)


Slip-on shoe easy to put on and off because of no lacing a wide opening to insert the foot into the shoe.


Slip-on is a term generally used for shoes that do not have the moccasin seam going around the forepart of the shoe.


Moccasins look like loafers but their construction is too different from that of a loafer. The piece of leather that covers your toe from the front and sides comes all the way from the bottom wrapping your complete forefoot also forming insoles for the forefoot.

Monk shoes

 The closed shoe with strap and buckle fastening.

Single strap monk: Monk shoe with only 1 pair of buckle and strap for fastening.

Double strap monk: Monk shoe with only 2 pairs of buckle and strap for fastening.

Monks can even have more than 2 straps but are not so common to see. You might have seen some loafers with monk straps over them but those are not functional. Such shoes cannot be called monk shoes and are commonly known by the name slip-on monks or monk strap loafer because of having the construction of a loafer.

Sports shoes

These are designed specifically for a particular sport taking into consideration the requirements of the player.


Sneakers are very versatile sporty casual styles and one of the most popular styles today because of the comfort and smart look. With athleisure gaining continuous popularity, sneakers look like making a mark for a long long time in the fashion industry.


Chukka boot: These have derby-like construction with open lacing and are very casual.

Chelsea boot: These have elastic fastening and are ankle length and look very elegant having a seamless construction across toes and instep.

Jodhpuri boot: Similar to Chelsea boot but traditionally fastened with buckle and strap that goes around the ankle.


These are the Indian traditional footwear usually made with embellished upper and leather sole.

Jalsa: These are made of plain materials (leather most of the time) and have a v-shaped toe. It has a wingtip-like a pattern that ends in the instep.

Mojri: These are the juttis with a curled extended toe.

Open footwear for men


Open footwear consisting of straps going through the instep, forefoot, and sometimes across the ankle.


Preferred with ethnics and casual wear for a luxurious feel. Closed from the forefoot area and open from the heel.

Mukes can vary from comfy loungewear mules to classy and luxurious hand-embroidered mules that are in demand during the wedding season.


Easiest footwear to put on. Usually made with a single-piece strap going over the forefoot and instep, attached to the sole.

Types of loafers

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