Socks Or No Socks?

Socks Or No Socks?

Whenever you’re wearing a closed shoe, socks are something that always comes first. But with changing times, we see styles that look better without socks. You can always go sockless with open styles like sandals, clogs, and slides but closed shoes should always be teamed up with socks. Your socks definitely must be comfortable but surprisingly, these are also an important part of styling. Socks serve as a bridge between pants & shoes. They should connect to both pants & shoes to complete a perfect outfit.

Why should you never ditch your socks?

Sockless might look cool to most people but it is the cause of so many problems to your feet as well as your shoes.

Your feet love socks: 

No matter how thin your socks are, they have a lot of work to do for your feet and shoes. Socks protect your feet from rubbing against the shoe while you walk and reduce the chances of problems like blisters. Since the socks are much softer than the inner layer of your shoe. Your socks are therefore the protective layer for your feet.

Sweat absorption is also one main reason so your feet don’t smell bad.

Your shoes love socks:

If you are wearing a shoe that is not washable (like leather shoes or velvet loafer) and you’ve been wearing it without socks for several days, it will start smelling.

Even if the shoe is washable and you wish to clean them, it is going to be difficult cleaning them from the inside. Don’t you think washing a pair of socks would have been easier?

Also, if you choose the right pair of socks, it can add to how the shoe looks.

What are the alternatives?

No show socks: At least 2 pairs of no-show socks are must-haves for every person who wears shoes and especially for low cut styles like loafers! 

These socks are also called loafer socks.

Whenever you think that socks are ruining the look of your outfit, go for no-show socks. These are low cut, invisible underneath the shoe. No one would care about them but still, your shoe and feet are going to thank you.

How to choose the right socks?

  • The socks must fit well. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.
  • Size: Unisize socks are a topic of the past. Now, all good brands give you an option to choose your size (or a size range) that is the same as the size of your shoe.
  • Leave the sporty socks for sports shoes and classy printed crew length or executive length socks for formals.
  • Choose your socks wisely for different styles. Most socks are not versatile.

Choosing the right pair not only depends on the shoes but also the outfit that you choose.

With loafers, sneakers, and casual monk shoes: Go for low-cut socks (no-show socks). For almost all casual shoe styles, you can pick a pair of no-show socks. Also, remember to keep the trousers on the shorter side so that they don’t cover the shoe top.

With other casual shoes, you can go for novelty prints that look cool! Several comic prints and witty knits are available in the market but if you are putting on a leather casual shoe, avoid those. Such prints are good with canvas shoes and mesh or knit sneakers. With leather shoes, go with prints that are fun but also not witty. Abstract and text designs are good options to start with.
With sports shoes: If you wear sports shoes specifically for sports that require compression, you might want to go for knee-high socks or crew length but for casual sports, walking, or sporty casual look, go for the crew, mini crew, or micro crew length. Going with trainer socks is also a good idea. Color must compliment your outfit and shoes.

Though It is very well known that every sport has different requirements. Sports like yoga and pilates have socks that provide stability, similarly, football and basketball need compression.

With formal or dress shoes: Choosing the right dress socks is as important as choosing the right dress shoe itself. Dress shoes are not always meant to be plain or single-colored. Some classy stripes, checks, and even floral knit designs are very common in dress socks. The socks however must not look bulky at all. Those must be snug fit. The color you choose can either be from any element of your outfit or a color that compliments the overall outfit and shoe. Printed socks go well with dress shoes and plain with formals.

Length: Length depends on your personal preference but here are some of the terms used for different lengths of socks.

The best material for socks.

Choosing the material depends on the purpose for which socks are to be used.

For active use (sport): Synthetic materials are best suited for socks of active sportspeople. The mix of materials like cotton, polyamide and elastoidin having proper cushioning, elasticity, and fit is also a good choice for sports socks. Synthetic materials like these have good elasticity, and are quick dry. 

For everyday use: We recommend going with natural materials for everyday use socks. Also, just like shoes, rotate your everyday socks too.

  • Cotton is a commonly available material and is preferably being natural and cheap. 100% cotton socks are not recommended as it is not very durable. Go for cotton mixed with any synthetic material like nylon, spandex, or polyester.
  •  Merino wool is expensive but a material that works all year round. It’s natural and has antimicrobial properties.
  • Bamboo socks are also gaining popularity being natural, soft, durable, and antibacterial.

For formal use: Use thin materials to avoid bulkiness. A knitted pair of socks made with a blend of cotton, nylon, and elastane will serve the purpose.

Oxford: Plain socks are the best for formal shoes like oxfords.

Single monk: Striped socks complete a dapper look well with a single monk strap shoe.

Full brogue or double monk: Printed socks or pattern knit socks look extremely beautiful with classy styles like brogues or traditional double monk strap shoes.

If we missed something that you wanted to know or you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comment section below. 

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